The High Five Awards

The High 5 Awards recognize those advertising and marketing professionals in our area (Summit, Stark, Portage, Wayne, Mahoning Counties) that go above and beyond the 9-to-5 workday in big and small ways. Maybe they come in early or leave work late, or maybe they show knowledge and experience well beyond their years in the industry. Maybe they are the go-to problem solvers, go-getters, or are always there to volunteer their time. No matter the reason, be sure to nominate these people and give them a chance at the recognition you know they deserve! Please note that this is not a membership award and we welcome new faces in the industry!

MVP – Most Valuable Peer

The #1 person you can’t do your job without. No matter their title, they are always there to help and make every project, and every day at work, better!

The Account Services Award

The ultimate project liaisons. Account executives, sales representatives, project managers and more. Account service is the art of making projects run smoothly and making it all invisible. The Account Services Award recognizes those who effortlessly toe the line between clients and creatives.

The MarComm Award

The ones who get the word out. PR specialists, marketing managers, social media managers, communications pros and more. The MarComm Award celebrates the ones with the power to connect with those target audiences through any channel necessary.

The Production Award

The ones who really bring ideas to life. Casting directors, print producers, audio engineers, traffic managers, web developers and more. Creative products don’t spring fully-formed into the world. The Production Award recognizes an individual who takes the brilliant and sometimes grandiose-ideas and makes them a reality.

Intern of the Year

The next generation. Interns help shape our companies and our culture today, and are going to help shape the industry for years to come!

Nominators and nominees do not have to be members of AAF-Akron to participate.

Nominate Someone Today

The nomination period for the 2023 awards is now closed.